Group Orders Made Personal.

Transform group mealtime into a highlight of the day with a customizable individual order labeled, bagged, and delivered together.

Perks99 Group Order.

An Experience Where A Group Of People Can Order Their Favorite Dishes Individually To Suit Their Taste And Dietary Needs Privately.

Using a shared cart to manage group ordering is a must-have for any office manager. I want a bacon cheeseburger, and you want a salad. It sounds like it’s time for a group order!

Choose Perks99 for a convenient and eco-friendly workplace group lunch solution that supports your favorite restaurants while promoting sustainability.

The Benefits

Group orders allow employees to come together, socialize, mingle, and become friends outside the office.

Save time and money.

With Perks99 group orders, you don’t have to worry about getting something wrong when writing down everyone’s order. Choose a restaurant, set a budget, and generate a share link or QR code. Your group gets free delivery and up to 30% off the menu from hundreds of nearby restaurants.

variety is the spice of life.

They say food variety is the spice of life, and it’s hard to argue because trying something new is always exciting. So, embrace the many flavors and cuisines Perks99 has to offer and make meals an adventure!

Sustainable food packaging

Perks99 sustainable food packaging helps reduce the number of plastic takeaway plates in the garbage and offsets carbon emissions from every order.

Eco-Diners Membership.

Your group will be auto-enrolled into the Perks99 Eco-Diners Membership, with access to sales and exclusive offers when ordering delivery and dining with Perks99 restaurant partners.
Usually, an individual must complete 99 orders to become a member.

Perks99 group orders: How does it work?

Choose a restaurant

Create an account, select a restaurant, set a spending limit, and schedule a date/time for pickup or delivery. Your group can enjoy a $0 delivery fee and up to 30% off the menu at hundreds of nearby restaurants.

Share the link

Generate a share link or printable QR code to invite group members to join the order, add food items, and place their personalized meal orders.

Review and pay

Review the order to adjust group members' orders or payments.

Perks99’s group order enables several users to add items to a shared cart simultaneously. With your Perks99 account, you can set up a group account that any member of your group can utilize, even if they don’t have their own Perks99 account.

  • Create/log into your Perks99
  • Choose a restaurant and tap the “Group Order”
  • Set a spending limit.
  • Send the “Group Order” link to your
  • Once everyone has added their items to the cart, you can review the order and make any necessary adjustments.

Perks99 provides zero-waste lunches, free delivery, and discounts of up to 30% off your favorite restaurants. With our sustainable bamboo food packaging, we offset carbon emissions with every order.

You will receive your meal through Perks99’s temperature-controlled pickup pods at your workplace. Group orders will arrive at the scheduled time/date, and members will receive a text/WhatsApp notification when the meal comes to the portal. In addition, Perks99 offers real-time support for group orders.

Members scan the QR code assigned to them at the food portal to pick up their warm, fresh, and delicious meals.

Contact us here if you want us to deliver the food to a different address.

Yes, the admin who created the account can set a limit order. You don’t have to select one if you don’t need to set up a limit.

It’ll depend on the order size. Contact us here if you need to order from multiple restaurants.

Yes, participants can modify their order.

Perks99, Inc.

The price per meal varies based on the plan selected.
The prices shown reflect the prices after deducting
the discount percentage from the restaurants.