Multiple Restaurants.

One Central Platform.

Sustainable Experience Delivered.

We make  group ordering a snap. Set a spending limit and groups can enjoy meals of their choice with our multiple restaurant group ordering. Each order is labeled and bagged individually. Then all orders are delivered together.

Perks99 Group Ordering Is An Excellent Choice For Small Gatherings Or For Your Team At Work.

Menu Prices Are Discounted Plus Free Delivery.

Groups reserving meals in advance allow us to offer you discounted prices and free delivery instead of charging you more.

Variety is The Spice of Life.

Using Perks99, your group can order from their favorite restaurants and each order will be packaged separately and delivered together.

Fully Customized Meal.

Customize your meal from the restaurant of your choice based on available options; such as size, protein choice, and add-ons. Enter special instructions such as “No onions” or “Dressing on the side” and indicate any allergies that need special attention.

Save Time And Money.

With Perks99 group orders, you don’t have to worry about going around writing down everyone’s order and getting something wrong. Just share the ordering link and your group can enjoy $0 delivery and up to 30% off the menu from hundreds of nearby restaurants.

Sustainable Food Packages.

Perks99 individual packed eco-friendly food package helps reduce the amount of food takeaway plastic plates ending up in the garbage. We deliver the meal in elegant bamboo bento plates to our Perks99 food portal stationed at your workplace building. We’ll text or WhatsApp the group or the admin when the meal arrives. When you’re ready, scan the QR code to pick up your warm, fresh and delicious meal.

Eco-Diners Membership.

Your group will auto-enrolled into the Perks99 Eco-Diners Membership and get access to sales, and exclusive offers when ordering and dining in with Perks99 restaurant partners

Frequently Asked Questions.

The group order allows multiple people to add items to a collective cart simultaneously. Group orders can be created through your Perks99h account and used by any member of your group who doesn’t have a Perks99 account

● Create or log into your Perks99 account.
● Tap the Group Order button on the app or website.
● set a spending limit.
● Send the Group Order link to others.
● When everyone is done adding their items to the cart, you can close the Group Order
and complete checkout.

Perks99 receives lunches from restaurants and delivers them free of charge to the workplace. We minimize food packaging waste by using bamboo bento plates and delivering the food to the Perks99 food portal stationed at the workplace building.

Once the food is delivered and placed in the portal, groups will be notified via text or Whatsapp. and they can come whenever they like, scan their assigned QR code and pick up the lunch.

The person with the Perks99 account who creates the group order will pay for it.

It’ll depend on the order size. Contact us if you need to deliver the food to different addresses.

Yes, the admin who is creating the group order can add an order limit.
You can set a limit of $10, $15, or $20. Alternatively, you can customize the limit to be as low or as high as you want. If you don’t feel you need to set a limit, you don’t have to set one.

Yes. Co-workers can enjoy meals of their choice with our multiple restaurant ordering. Each order is labeled and bagged individually. Then all orders are delivered together.

Yes, participants can modify their own order.

Perks99, Inc.

The price per meal varies based on the plan selected.
The prices shown reflect the prices after deducting
the discount percentage from the restaurants.